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About Us

We Are a movement towards truly sustainable apparel.

Buying sustainable clothes is hard.

In 2021, when we sought to change our garment buying habits, we couldn't find any companies selling clothes that were sustainable at both creation and at disposal -- what do we mean by that? Either the fabric was not eco-friendly or the company passed on the responsibility of clothing disposal to the customers. And these were companies that were making an effort -- there were so many more that did nothing more than greenwashing.

Building sustainability into clothing companies is tough, too. 

At the end of the day, companies have to make money to survive. And what's the best way to do that? 

Sell more, offer you the trendiest designs so that you over-consume -- in turn, companies respond with over-production to meet potential demand. And around and around we go in this negative feedback loop. 

Fashion designer portrait

How will Petrichor make a difference?

First, every single product from Petrichor is designed to reach a specific recycling yield, upcycling possibilities, or responsible decomposition. When you are done wearing your garment, simply send it back to us. Through purposeful design that anticipates the garments' inevitable end, we foster circularity, ensuring that the initial energy invested in creating each piece is harvested for additional use.


Second, instead of asking you to buy a million things that will fall apart and fall out of style the next year, we strive to create limited, durable, and classic pieces that stand the test of time. We focus primarily on basic apparel -- think of your classic white/ black shirts, core layering pieces that help you build your outfit -- because we believe we can help our customers reduce textile waste through targeting items that they wear and replace frequently.

Essential 8

Petrichor is the pioneer for the "Essential 8" movement; it is a commitment to producing 8 or less designs per year.

The recommended number of designs in a single fashion collection is at least 10 and many companies produce a collection for each season, resulting in 40 or more designs per year. Fast fashion companies can have even 52 micro-seasons, which means significantly more designs are being manufactured. 

Why such a small number then?

Our choice for 8 designs stems from the Pareto Principle. It's reflective of our confidence in identifying the most loved top 20% of designs available (20% of 40 is 8),  and with our success, positively influence 80% of the fashion industry. 

By producing less than 8 designs per year, we aim to encourage sustainable purchasing habits among consumers and drive a significant change in the way businesses approach production.

How are Petrichor's products made?

Sourcing the best quality

Our commitment to sustainability starts from the very beginning of our supply chain. We meticulously select and source materials that minimize harm to the environment. One of our key choices is hemp, a remarkable fabric that requires significantly less water, offers more fibers per plant, and boasts exceptional durability. By making responsible material choices, we ensure that our garments are both eco-friendly and long-lasting. Learn more about hemp here.

Choosing like-minded partners

We have carefully chosen partners who share our vision of environmental sustainability and demonstrate a high level of production quality. While we prioritize working with domestic partners, the pursuit of high-quality materials may lead us to collaborate with overseas partners.

Moving goods responsibly

Transportation is another aspect where we prioritize sustainability. To reduce carbon emissions, we minimize and optimize the distance our products travel. Most of our prototyping work, as we refine and perfect each design, is kept within the United States to minimize our ecological footprint.

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